Songstarters are easy to use Garageband songwriting templates. Songstarters let you focus on melody and lyric ideas so you can forget about technology. Each Songstarter template uses some of the most common chord progressions in popular music. That means you can spend more time writing music and less time looking for just the right loop.

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Garageband For Songstarters

How To Use Songstarters For Garageband

Here's a quick video showing how you can use Songstarters to come up with quick melody ideas in Garageband.

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How Songstarters Work

Easy to use songwriting templates

GarageBand is the easiest music production tool on the planet. But the huge amount of loops can be overwhelming and there are no commonly used chord progressions. This can chew up a lot of time if all you want to do is capture a quick melody or lyric idea.


Capture Song Ideas Quickly

Songstarters  are collections of commonly used chord progressions in multiple tempos and musical styles. Each Songstarter template is a self-contained Garageband multitrack .band file with a full rhythm section.


Stop Searching For Loops

Unlike loops, Songstarters are full arrangements of some of the most successful chord progressions in popular music. Chord progressions can’t be copyrighted – all musicians use them as building blocks for the basic harmonic structure of any song (think I-IV-V, for example).


Use Software You Already Know

Songstarters already work in Garageband, so there’s no need to install or learn new software. You can easily export your arrangement to Logic or publish it as an .mp3 file using Garageband and iTunes.